Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Social Underdevelopment of the Indigenous Population in Bolivia

Social Underdevelopment of the Indigenous Population in Bolivia.

Comparative Politics

Bolivia is a South American country that is currently going through reform. President Morales vows to diverge this by pushing for social par amongst all Bolivian the great unwashed. Throughout Bolivias history, their innate population has been left out on the periphery and oppressed. President Morales vows to change this and has made referendums to the Bolivian constitution to ensure equal rights for his native people. Nationalization of Bolivias natural resources is an some other way Morales hopes to cover money in the country to help ensure better, sparing and social, well being of his people.
Bolivia is in central South America, right southwest of Brazil (CIA). It has a population of approximately 9,775,246 people; roughly 60 portion of the population being indigenous Indians (CIA). The two largest indigenous groups argon the Aymara Indians, roughly 25 portion of the population, and the Quechua Indians, roughly 30 percent of the population (CIA). There are three official languages in Bolivia: Spanish; Quechua; and Aymara (CIA). Bolivia is completely landlocked, implication it has no coastline or maritime claims to waterways (CIA).

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Bolivia is one of the poorest and least essential countries in Latin America (CIA). Bolivia lacks foreign investments many other nations receive, but for the first time in years had a fiscal surplus in 2008 (CIA). Roughly 40 percent of the working population is agriculturally based, 17 percent is industry based, and 43 percent is service based (CIA). Currently 60 percent of the population is living below the poverty line (CIA). A major concern in Bolivia is that they are the third largest producer of cocaine which greatly discourages other countries from providing foreign aid for a poverty stricken country (CIA).
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