Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Of Mice And Men-animal Imagery

The Title, Of Mice and Men, prepares us, as readers, for countless connections between people and animals. Animal imagination was a very effective tool that John Steinbeck employ to develop more realistic characters in the book.

        Steinbeck is very deceiving in the opening paragraphs when he creates such a tranquil setting. The track downs were depict to be playful and cute? Rabbits came out of the brush and razz on the sand. . . On the sand-bank the rabbits sat as quietly as undersized grey, sculpted stones. . . (pp. 1-2). But, the end of the novel offers a various outlook on the rabbits. In the scene where Lennie runs to hide in the brush an wait for George (p. 100), Lennie h allucinates a rabbit. This image of a rabbit is a horrible experience for Lennie because the rabbit scolds him. The view of a rabbit from the beginning to the end is very different, actually, complete opposites.

        Lennie authentically loved animals and that was demonstrated by his constant petting of the mice and the conceive of of feeding the rabbits, and that he was always with the pup Slim gave him. But, all of Lennie animal obsessions turned sour as time went by.

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all mouse and other soft thing he came in contact with died, it was only a matter of time to when it would busy place. Id pet ?em, and pretty soon they bit my fingers and I diminished their heads a little and then they was dead ? because they was so little Lenny said (p. 10). He was so big and strong he didnt know his own strength and that physical feature, sometimes depict as a bear would come back to stamping ground him. He accidentally killed mice, and that foreshadowed the pup eventually dying. When the pup...

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