Monday, April 1, 2013

Interantional Tandem

Project Proposal phrase Tandem
As we are maintenance in a growing global context, where ideas and languages are
seemly key elements to a wide integration around the World, it is essential to
implement some change in language larn border by introducing an informal way
of teaching that is distinguishable from the usual method. As it volition be explained, the
experience give be significantly remarkable by changing the quotidian description of
gathering knowledge of being seated down on a chair during a long time period
without to a fault much interaction. From beginning until the end, some events will motivate
students to join this Project.
Our bemuse is an approach to break some older ways of organization at a language
level, so one decided to show it on a Language Tandem. Normally students follow their
habitual classes during university schedule through a formal process, but this project
will allow them to learn something in an informal and free of stick way. Moreover,
it is something that is becoming increasingly important in the management area.
Therefore, the indicate of this project is to learn languages, using help/ stick out from other
students. This process will be done by mixing apprentices from different countries with
Portuguese students in several sessions (e.g. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

: Italian with Portuguese; french student
with other Portuguese student, etc) and each one will support as much as possible to
teach his/her language.
Language Tandem will assume different positive effects. Erasmus students in Portugal
have a desire to learn Portuguese as it will help them both in an easier integration in
this close and in a future professional perspective. Some of these students would like
to have it off back and it will be easier for them to adapt in in-person and professional parts
of their lives. Beside those previous reasons, through the application of this project
there will be several effects, as Erasmus students will feel to a greater extent integrated in FEUNL
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