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Response Paper #5
The divine call for theory is the view that moral actions are those which obey to Gods bequeath. For example, the act of doing unselfishness is chastely proper because God approves it in the Bible. On the other hand, withdraw is ravish because God condemns it as one could easily abide by in the Ten tenderments. Speaking of which, one way to examine to see whether any action is right or wrong is first to determine if it conforms to Gods Ten Commandments, if it does not, then it is not considered untroubled. In my opinion, the Divine Command Theory is difficult to manage given that it is hard accessing the will of God. There are some others take up that Gods will is the foundation of morality.
According to John Arthurs Why Morality Does Not Depend on Religion, on that point are many different interpretation of how the divine command theory can be understood. One of the weakest claims is that that, within legitimate phantasmal communities, the meaning of the controversy, charity is good, is that God wills us to be charitable. Although it may represent the views of a particular raft, it has no bushel on what those outside that group mean by the statement charity is good. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

Also the divine command theory states that charity is morally good all by itself, yet that Gods will provides us with the motivation to be charitable. If one continues with this view, only the religious believer has the motivation to be moral.
Theoretically, unbelievers could also act morally, but it would only be considered to be an accident because unbelievers would theoretically lose the motivation for steady moral behavior. The strongest form of The Divine Command Theory states that morality is a creation of Gods will. According to this view, as stated above, charity is good because God has willed that charity is good. The claim that is found here is not about what particular peoples opinions mean by the word good or what motivations people have to be good. Instead, the claim is that moral...If you want to fuss a full essay, order it on our website:

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