Sunday, March 31, 2013

Deadly Drug Addiction

Whether or not do drugs addiction is considered a distemper is explored in this paper. With the help of important facts and statistics ga in that locationd from extensive research, it was cogitate that drug addiction, should in fact, be considered a disease. Support of this liking is put forth by Vice Presidential medical examination exam prognosis Joe Bidden, who has proposed a bill identifying drug addiction as a disease, brain disease specifically. Furthermore, the staggering number of people who anticipate addicted without the help of medical treatment proves it takes more than bold will to fight addiction. These compulsive cravings are the root of galore(postnominal) health and social problems associated with addiction. Drugs and consumption of these drugs become the users number whizz priority, over taking family, friends, love, exercise, and work. Addiction is a scary thing as it back overtake ones mind and torso.

Disease can be delimitate as a disordered condition resulting from the effect of inadequacy or imbalance on the human body. Because drug addiction causes harm on ones body and mind, there is no doubt that it should be considered a disease. Drug addiction can be considered almost like a crabmeat or virus because it takes over ones body and can cause detrimental physical and mental effects. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

For example, when psyche is addicted to crack, their body becomes physically dependent on the drug and their mind focuses on nothing but the satisfaction of organism high. Most drugs are harmful to ones health, so addiction and consumption of these harmful drugs can directly unravel to other medical diseases. For example, cocaine can cause stark(a) heart problems, smoking can cause lung disease, and alcoholism can cause liver disease. Moreover, it is clear that drug addiction should be considered a disease because they can also require medical treatment and rehab just like other common medical diseases.
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