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Crisis In Tourism

Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism Trends (MGMT 2029)

Tourists wellness and Safety

Tourists Well-Being

Throughout the bill of travel, realiseors arrest faced the tourist-related phenomenon of leaving their home environment to determine one which they may find unfamiliar, and has associated risks and hazards inherent in their insufficiency of knowledge associated with that environment (Page, 2006).

1. Why do individuals go on holiday abroad?

2. Identify some health and gum elastic problems that tourists can encounter while on holiday at a name and address?

Travel Motivation

A major antigenic determinant in a travelers decision to visit a destination is the perception of safety and security. Specific events or a series of events may undermine these perceptions of a destination. cardinal specific event typologies that undermine the safety & security emblem of a tourist destination include:

? International advance of war or conflict or prolonged manifestations of internal conflict
? A specific diddle/acts of terrorism especially those directed at or affecting tourists
? A major criminal act or crime wave, especially when tourists are targeted
? A immanent disaster e.g. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

hurricane, earthquake causing damage to urban areas or the natural environment & consequently impacting on the tourism infrastructure
? Health concerns related to epidemics and diseases which limit access to tourist attractions

It should be remark that war, political instability, terrorism and crime have more of a long lasting effect on a destinations safety and security than natural disasters as it non regarded as an isolated incident but an actual state of affairs affecting the entire destination. Thus it tends to create a more deep-rooted perception in the tourists mind.
e.g 1997 Terrorist attack in Luxor, Egypt

Influences upon Tourist Well-Being

Walker and Page (2003) identify a wide range of agencies and bodies who interact with tourists and who collectively have a responsibility for the tourist:

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